SI-320 , Nano Anti-Bacterial Paint , SI-320 l Nano Anti-Bacterial Paint

The JONIUR Group is a matrix organisation for the sale of Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings (Marine, Protective and Powder Coatings) and nano material. The company has many production facilities and is represented in around the world.

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SI-320 Nano Anti-Bacterial Paint


Smart Nano anti-bacterial paints are suitable to be used in anti-bacterial environments such as hospitals, hygiene centers, dairy producing factories, laboratories and the internal space of kids’ rooms. This category of paints is not at all different from other paints. The Nano materials dispersed in this kind of paint will contribute to the disappearance of 100 effective microbial factors present in these environments. The evidence for this claim is the successful anti-microbial tests performed in credible hygienic centers.