new supercharged, SI-191, new supercharged SI-191

The JONIUR Group is a matrix organisation for the sale of Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings (Marine, Protective and Powder Coatings) and nano material. The company has many production facilities and is represented in around the world.

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new supercharged
penetrate material | SI-191

This is a group of Nano materials including particles less than 76 nanometers. This material is approved in high-credit testing centers worldwideas the best suitable material for making stone facades, bricks, cement and plaster which is organic solvent-based (such as Thinner and white alcohol).

• Improves durability – Prevents capillary uptake of water and the
aggressive substances dissolved in it
• Resists freeze thaw & thermal cycling damage – and resists
ASR/alkali attacks by preventing the ingress of water
• Natural flat finish – Does not change surface appearance, UV
stable will not breakdown with light exposure
• Can be applied to cured, honed and polished concrete – Ideal
for horizontal surfaces exposed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic,
compatible with silicate densifiers
• Solvent based – Odorless, excellent for cold weather applications
• Unrivaled industry leading 100 year warranty – Penetrates
never delaminates, never diffuses, peel or flakes will not discolor
yellow or degrade from UV light exposure.
• Excellent penetration depth into concrete, brick or masonry
• Interior // exterior concrete
• Horizontal // vertical substrates
• Reinforced concrete structures
• Traffic-bearing concrete substrates
• Bridge decks and substructures
• Concrete ramps and barriersPAGE 3
• Parking garages
• Stadiums and buildings
• Concrete driveways, loading docks, public
sidewalks, garages and roof tiles.
• Plazas and food courts
• Concrete
• Brick and Masonry
• Stucco
• Exposed aggregate
• Pavers